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Why I am Running for City Council

February 14, 2021

I am running for Grapevine City Council because this city is my home and has always been regardless of where I have lived. I was proud to be able to purchase my first home in Grapevine.

My grandparents, George and Lois Clerihew, moved to Grapevine in 1977. My grandfather was pastor of First Baptist Grapevine and also became a small business owner with Clerihew’s Men’s Store, a clothing store off Northwest Highway. My parents were married in First Baptist Church as were my aunt and uncle. I remember growing up in this town before Main Street became what it is now and when Elliott’s Hardware stood where the Bank of West does now. My memories may not go back as far as some, but my travel and business experiences can help this town reach it’s potential while maintaining the city's charm!

As part of City Council I will:

  • Listen to Grapevine’s residents ideas and address their concerns

  • Support, preserve and enhance the Historic Downtown District

  • Ensure the safety of our residents

  • Support our small businesses

  • Commit to backing first responders, Police, Fire Departments

  • Ensure Grapevine Schools are providing the best education and safety for our children.

I greatly respect where the past and current leadership has brought Grapevine. It would be an honor and my mission to continue to make Grapevine an even better place to live and visit. ​

My career has taught me how to listen to others, determine their needs, learn to mediate but fight for what is right and what individuals need.

I want to put the needs of Grapevine's residents first, and allow the small business owner to thrive because that is the backbone of America.

For any questions, comments or concerns you can email me on my "Get Involved" page.

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